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How much do you know about RHONG plastic crushers?

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How much do you know about RHONG plastic crushers?

The plastic crusher is mainly used to crush waste plastics and factory plastic scraps. We Ningbo Beilun Rhong Machinery has been manufacturing crushers and shredders for so many years. Many people ask what are the characteristics and advantages of plastic crushers. In fact, it is called plastic crusher, and it can also be called a plastic granulator, but it is called differently. Today we will come together to talk about the plastic crusher.

         The plastic crusher is a kind of high-speed squeezing and cutting crushing equipment for plastic. Through the mutual shearing force between the movable knife and the fixed knife in the crushing chamber, the plastic is crushed and cut, so that the plastic is continuously reduced until the screen requires After the size of the material is cut, the qualified crushed material will be released from the screen by the rotary centrifugal force, and the plastic that does not reach the specified size will be thrown upward to continue the cutting and crushing process.

         Plastic crushers are widely used in the recycling of waste plastics and the recycling and reuse of factory scraps. The motor power of the plastic crusher is between 1.5 and 150 kilowatts, and the speed of the knife roller is generally between 80 and 500 rpm. In terms of structure, there are tangential feeding and top feeding; the knife roller has a solid knife roller and a hollow knife roller. It can also be used for the re-pulverization and recycling of all waste plastics such as boxes, thin pipe fittings, blow molding parts, bottles, shells, household plastic products, or as an auxiliary machine of the injection molding machine to re-pulverize the nozzle materials or defective parts of the injection molding machine.


Special attention should be paid here when feeding.

        The addition should be appropriate, judged by sound. The production capacity of different types of equipment is also very different. If you don’t know how much you should put, you can test the equipment after buying it back, and test the crushing ability of the equipment from less to more. Another method is to distinguish by sound. If the crushing sound is loud in the plastic crusher, then it means that there are a lot of materials. If you continue to add materials, you should wait until the sound is lower, that is, there is less material in the crushing chamber before adding materials.

         Select feeding capacity according to crusher motor power. The leftovers of injection molding must be small and large. For example, some manufacturers mostly use small and medium waste materials, but rarely have large blocks. In order to save costs, they choose not to buy heavy plastic crushers. The use of conventional models can meet most of the requirements, but occasionally pay attention to large pieces of material. The large pieces should be cut into small pieces and put in the crusher to avoid jams due to insufficient power. If jams occur, stop working immediately, then take out the big pieces, cut them into small pieces and put them in .

       Some friends would say that it is so troublesome and requires so much attention. Broken things itself is a very simple process, and it is so complicated now. Therefore, if you are afraid of trouble and have enough purchasing budget, it is recommended to directly choose large and heavy plastic crushers. The local tyrants are even more so.

        The plastic crusher has a wide range of uses and is often used, so you must choose a suitable one, and pay attention to maintenance, so that it can last for a long time. Rhong Machinery welcomes everyone to the factory to inspect the crusher and other products.



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