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Method of Damage to RHONG Plastic Crusher Blades

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Method of Damage to RHONG Plastic Crusher Blades

As an important mechanical equipment, RHONG brand plastic crusher machine plays an important role in treating waste plastic, rubber and other materials. However, long-term use or improper operation may cause damage to the blades and affect the normal operation of the equipment. So, what should we do when the blade of the plastic crusher is damaged?

    1. Replace the blades

    When the blades of the Rhong plastic crusher are found, severe wear, gap, loosening, etc. should be replaced in time. When replacing the blades of plastic crushing machine, you should first turn off the power, stop the equipment, and then replace it in accordance with the requirements of the instructions. After the replacement is completed, make sure that the tool is tight and avoid loosening and causes safety accidents.

    2. Adjust the angle of the blades

    In addition to replacing the plastic crusher blades, you can also optimize the broken effect by adjusting the angle of the blades. When adjusting the angle, the device should be stopped first, then the blades should be removed, and the angle of the professional knives should be adjusted. After adjustment, make sure that the blades installation is firm and avoid incorrect angle adjustment causes device damage or safety accidents.

    3. Strengthen daily maintenance

    In order to extend the life of the plastic crusher blades, strengthening daily maintenance is the key. Daily maintenance includes the wear of the blades regularly, the residues inside the equipment, and the lubricating rotation site. In addition, the equipment should be checked regularly to ensure its normal operation.

4. Wear -resistant material

In order to reduce the damage of the blades, wear -resistant materials can be used to make tools. Wear -resistant materials have the characteristics of high hardness and high toughness, which can effectively improve the service life of the tool. When buying wear -resistant materials, you should pay attention to choosing products with reliable quality and reasonable price to ensure the normal use and safety of the tools.

5. Standardized operation

    Standard operation is also one of the important factors to reduce the damage to blades. When operating RHONG plastic crusher, it should be carried out strictly in accordance with the operating procedures to avoid damage to the knife by accidents or illegal operations. At the same time, during the operation, we should pay attention to observing the operation of the equipment, discover abnormal conditions and processes in time.

    In short, when the blades of the plastic crusher is damaged, corresponding treatment measures should be taken in time. By replacing the tools, adjusting the angle of the knife, strengthening daily maintenance, and using wear -resistant materials and standardized operations, the service life of the RHONG plastic crusher knife can be effectively extended and the operation efficiency of the equipment can be improved.



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