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How to Maintain the Bearings of Plastic Crusher

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How to Maintain the Bearings of Plastic Crusher

The bearing is one of the important parts of the plastic crusher, so we cannot ignore the maintenance of the bearing. Often the failure of plastic crusher is caused by neglected bearing maintenance. Therefore, RHONG will introduce to you the maintenance skills of bearings.


Maintenance of plastic crusher bearings

1. When installing, apply thick oil on the fixed contact surface and thin oil on the movable surface, especially after the bearing is installed, be sure to use lubricant for the outer ring tilt bearing.


2. The application of bearing lubricant is also very particular. When coating grease, it should cover all the roller surfaces. After the coating is completed, the position of the outer ring should be restored. At the same time, plastic film should be used to restore it. Cover to achieve dust-proof effect.


3. In daily use of the plastic crusher, you should also pay attention to cleaning the bearing part. First, put the bearing in the oil, then use a brush to brush off the dirt on the bearing surface, and properly heat the oil, and then the inside of the bearing The rollers and holes are cleaned.


4. When the plastic crusher is running, regularly check the running sound and temperature of the bearing. Regularly check the lubrication and wear of the bearing, and repair it in time if it is found to be abnormal. The daily maintenance of the plastic crusher bearings is done well to reduce the probability of unnecessary failure of the equipment.



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